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Blackila Pickle is a Zero Cholesterol product, What does that mean? Calm down your curiosity. This simply means that Blackila pickle is a very good choice for those too who are a gym freak, diet conscious and very choosy about the food. They can certainly have it. This won’t tamper the shape of your body or will not give a negative effect.

Ingredients are highly energetic with lots of good calorie compounds, we even do not use much oil in our pickle, so zero Cholesterol simply means no bad fat, no bad protein & no bad diet, Now don't think much & try a bottle now.

This Blackila Pickle is Sugar free that is good for diabetics too!

Yes, you will find a tempting sweetness in it but don’t worry we are not hiding anything from you. We use jaggery instead of sugar, so that sweetness is healthy and gives you Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus which will not only keep you energetic but will help you keep your body rich in Antioxidants.

So don't worry about the sugar level but have Blackila pickle which will taste good and keeps your body running healthy.

We Use Sugarcane Vinegar

A mostly used item from the Philippines. This might taste like rice vinegar but unlike its name it's not sweet at all but has a classic vinegar taste. With the qualities anti-ageing, useful in reducing glycemia, not only this but it also manages granular myringitis.

By the way it is mostly known as Cane Vinegar.

Goodness of JACKFRUIT

Do you know anything about Jackfruit? We also call it Kathal One of our key ingredients. A fruit cooked like a vegetable, has its own powers to improve digestion and cure vision, over that it improves immunity, strengthens bones and prevents aging too. The first cultivated tropical fruit and the largest tree-borne fruit with the weight of almost 40 pounds or more.

Enriched with LOTUS ROOT

Also known as Kamal kakdi and is a rich source of Vitamin A. It aids in weight loss, reducing stress, regulating blood pressure, strengthening the body and also good for skin and hair. Lotus Roots are believed to have a unique mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, such as phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron, thiamin, and a lot to make feel enriched with a source of power.

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